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Finding Wellness and Joy Together

Welcome to my page and thank you for stopping by.

My services are:

EFT (Tapping),  Massage, Energy Healing/Reiki , Meditation Groups & bush flower remedies. 

If you are looking at wellness sites I would presume you are searching for some sort of help. Hoping something will jump out that you will connect with. I know when we are going through "stuff" or just not feeling joy, peace, healthy or just "right" we can feel very alone, overwhelmed, unsure what is going to help when there's so much out there. 
You don't know me and I could be one of those many faces so all I can offer is sincerity in saying that I am a very caring, genuine person. I will hold space for you, listen and 

and then together we will  take you on your healing   journey.

I offer EFT (tapping) Sessions which if you aren't familiar with EFT is amazing at working out what exactly is going on deep down and causing these feelings and often also pain in the body. Checkout further down on the site for an explanation of what EFT is and can do for you.

Massage, which doesn't need an explaining but will relax you, help with pain, circulation and overall physical health.

Intuitive Energy healing and Reiki which will remove energy blocks and help in the healing process,

Australian Bush Flower Remedies, which are  made personally for you from Australian flowers and just beautiful and I run regular Meditation Groups if you are local.

About Me

Allow me to introduce myself
My name is Robyn Marchant, and I am the owner of “Healing with Heart”.

I chose that name because it really resonated with me in how I go about my healing services and my day-to-day life.

No matter what it is that I am helping you with or no matter which modality I give all of myself from a heart centred place. I genuinely care and will do my utmost to have you feel heard, safe and comfortable while we work together for your healing journey.

Healing With Heart EFT, Robyn Marchant, sawtell NSW

A bit about me…

I have been travelling a path of self-growth, healing and spirituality for almost 30 years. Like many of you I have worked through a lot from my life also. Nutrition and health have been a big focus for me all my life which started many years ago when I realized I was Bulimic and taught myself then about nutrition and healthy food choices. I also started my first of what would be many personal and spiritual growth workshops and courses. Through my desire to help people I completed a Welfare Certificate and although I decided not to study further in that field enjoyed the Counselling component.

Following my love of nutrition and health I started studying to be a Naturopath and had completed many of the subjects when my husband died. I was 34, pregnant and with a 4-year-old so everything went to the back burner as they became my focus. I didn’t end up completing my Naturopathy but continued to study about herbs and holistic health.

I then went on to complete my Diploma of Internal Arts in Yogic Qigong as a Yoga/meditation teacher and taught yoga/ meditation for almost 20 years. I completed an intensive Distance and Face to Face course provided by the National Federation of Healers which incorporated Meditation, Relaxation, Body/Mind connection, Chakra system, Endocrine and Nervous systems and learning the art of energy healing which is Hands on Healing. I have also completed Reiki training.

EFT tapping sawtell, coffs harbour, online consultations

My personal meditation practice has always been very important to me. I really don’t know how I would have coped when my husband died had I not had this to help me find my inner strength and move forward. I really can’t speak highly enough about the benefits of meditation. I also attended many various workshops and wholistic healers, one of which amongst other things did Emotional Freedom Technique sessions ( Tapping ) with me. The talk therapy and the practice itself (which I will explain more fully on here) helped me work through so many things and I was very grateful to that Practitioner.
I loved it so much that I am now an Accredited EFT Practitioner myself. Registered with EFT International.

So that’s me in a nutshell. I believe healing incorporates the whole you. Body, mind and spirit so although I offer stand-alone services such as EFT sessions, massage, Energy healing, Bush Flower Remedies and meditation groups you may also wish to work together in a mentor type role to find the clarity, joy and peace in the life that you deserve. I am here to help you remove the blocks that are stopping you from moving forward and I will do this in a safe, caring and supportive way.

Meditation groups sawtell, coffs harbour
EFT tapping session, Sawtell NSW

What is EFT?

Developed by Gary Craig in the early 1990’s EFT has proven itself beneficial in helping with anxiety, depression, PTSD, cravings, overwhelm and with helping you find clarity and a different perspective. His amazing discovery was based on a group of energy healing techniques called Thought Field Therapy (TFT), which Gary had learned earlier from psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan. Gary took what he learned from Roger and distilled it into a simple process that just about anyone can use to become as he called it “emofree.”

Gary originally called this” Emo Free” in the development of his work and this term has become associated with the Emotional Freedom Techniques. It represents the purpose of EFT, which is to
become emotionally free. When you release stuck emotional energy, you free yourself to live fully.
EFT tapping works by balancing the body’s energy system. It integrates understanding of the acupuncture meridians with a simple process of tapping on a series of pressure points on the face
and upper body. It works by lowering the Cortisol in the brain (the stress hormone) whilst going through statements that you have previously talked about with the therapist. Thus releasing blockages in the body it is known to lower stress and bring about calm and often clarity.



Gary Craig reports that EFT has proven itself to be clinically effective in thousands of cases. Validating the connection of mind, emotions and the body it has been proven to help with stress, anxiety, fears, phobias, anxiety, depression, food cravings as well as physical issues of pain, headaches etc.


An EFT session with me.

Sessions take about 1.5 hours and can be done via ZOOM or Face to Face. You tap on yourself under my guidance on specific meridian points.  I will start with a short meditation and when you are ready you will talk about whatever comes up for you. I will hold space for you , it is a gentle session and totally safe and confidential.

Also works well with children and as I have worked as an Education assistant for 25 years have a good rapport with them. I have a current Working with Children Check (WWCC).

$100 a session. Concessions available.

EFT tapping sessions in person, Sawtell NSW

EFT, Massage/Energy Healing/Reiki, Sound Healing

The Complete package because...

"You deserve it!" 

  If you are feeling stressed, sad, not quite right, lost, have unexplained pain or just want to give yourself the love and self healing you deserve, then this is for you.

Come and spend two hours with me and we will look into what is going on for you and I will use whatever modalities I feel will help you. I will use a combination of EFT, massage, Intuitive energy healing, reiki, meditation, singing bowls, cards and finish with a lovely herbal tea. Look at it as a great big hug to yourself or a perfect gift for a loved one.

   2 hours is $150

 Relax, Soothe, Balance & Calm
Starting with a foot soak in magnesium and crystals while I massage neck, shoulders and upper back.

Then I  massage /reflexology of feet and calves.
Next Laying down: Massage of complete neck, back, arms and legs.
Finally relaxing on your back I will give Energy healing (Reiki) releasing energy blockages and play the  Singing bowls.

  1 Hour $100

Quick Tune up
Neck, shoulders, Upper back
   15 minute $25

   30 minutes $50

Reiki/Energy Healing & Sound bowls

   1 hour  $80

Australian Bush Flower Remedies

Personally made in conjunction with the EFT sessions or a phone call and made to order $30

Meditation Groups 🕉️
Currently doing meditation groups twice a month , Monday evenings 

5 pm to 6.30 pm. If interested please ring or message me.


It is now my privilege to  be a Stockist for 

Bayleaf Herbals. Just message me.

I have done Herbal workshops with Karen and her daughter Trish and this lady really knows her stuff.

For information see

*Kava Muscle relief Ointment

*Calendula Itch Relief Balm

*Arnica Deep Bruise cream

*Lavender Calm Balm

*Chilli Ache Relief Cream

These beautiful herbal products are grown, foraged and made on the Mid Nth Coast. All retail for $18 each. Message me and we'll arrange a pick up time.

Healing with heart relaxing meditation space
sawtell meditation centre, healing with heart, meditation group

My EFT sessions with Robyn have been transformational. Robyn has a gentle and very insightful ability to help access underlying disturbances that consciously, I didn’t even know were there, yet there they were, simply waiting ready to emerge and be expressed. 

Healing with Heart definitely describes and embraces Robyn’s beautiful ability to hold space, in supporting each of us through our own discovery of self and journey of understanding and release. I am amazed and grateful for the depth of emotion that has been accessed, understood and transformed through Robyn’s gentle guidance and support.  Thank you Robyn for your beautiful and kind caring nature. Thank you also for gently supporting me to access, understand and release trauma, confusion and distress and to find a calm, peace and understanding through release instead. Thank you truly, thank you so, so much.


Robyn, I feel so blessed to have found you: you are so skilled in the therapies you offer. Your massage technique was personalised to meet my needs, and you were able to make suggestions that could benefit my health. You walk your talk, know your stuff, and are so well qualified to work with clients on their journey. I was really amazed at what you picked up in the Energy healing therapy you gave me. You listen to your clients, meet them at their level, and take seriously their needs and their energies. I sensed immediately your sincerity and authenticity. Thank you so much.
-MF Coffs Harbour
Beautiful Reiki/Massage and tapping session. I really feel I shifted some issues with Robyn's guidance and support. Highly recommended, Robyn has such a gentle nurturing presence.
               _Cas Ward 

Having a tapping session with Robyn was absolutely amazing. Not only did I feel the energy and emotions move through my body quickly, I also felt completely held and supported by Robyn as I navigated the challenges of that process. She has such a kind, nurturing and gentle yet steadying way of facilitating healing.
During the 2 sessions we had together, I found her to be 100% present, focussed and professional. She also brings with her years of experience and knowledge which she happily shares along the way.
A spiritual elder, no less. One that I highly recommend to anyone needing help on their healing and spiritual paths.
Healing with Heart, Sawtell, EFT, Massage, Reiki, Energy Healing
Healing with Heart, EFT, Massage, Energy Healing, Reiki, Bush Flower Remedies, Meditation

"I have been seeing Robyn for around 18 months, we have been using EFT (tapping) which has helped me to reprocess and reprogram areas that I needed healing, the EFT has assisted to free me from negative thought process that were affecting me at the time of therapy. I have also had Massage therapy with Robyn and from the time she opens the door she is so loving caring and gentle, the room she has set up for her therapies it a treat to be in as its so walm and cosy, Robyn always goes over and above with her therapies, and it is always a treasure to walk away feeling grounded and balanced. I love the “wisdoms and the food for thought moments” that she shares she has the sunshine in my life when things have been dark."


healing with heart, massage, energy healing, EFT, reiki, bush flower remedies, meditation, contact info


Phone: 0411 241 201


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